My name is Chris Stoecker. I currently work for the 24/7 IT Support Center at the University of Arizona as a Support Systems Analysts. My hobby is computers, I enjoy building and messing around with anything computer related. My operating system of choice is Linux although I use Windows and Mac OS X from time to time as well.

This is my page where I will be posting information I find as I work on my paper. The topic for my paper is: "Is Linux ready for the masses?"

Ubuntu 9.04 is now out! You can download it here to try out the live cd or if you want to install it without worrying about all the partitioning try it with Wubi. If you decided to try it out please let me know your experience.

Below is a video from zdnet where they took a laptop running Linux with the new KDE 4 window manager and told people it was Windows 7:

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