Gabe Hazlewood's Project

MIS 411 Project Proposal 2.0

The Evolvement of Entrepreneurship Following the Digital Explosion

Project Question(s):
How has the model of an entrepreneur changed since the digital explosion?
In what ways has the world of entrepreneurship changed since the emergence of information technology?

Investigative Structure:
There will be a variety of research conducted in support of this project including: books related to entrepreneurship both old and new, internet sources related to the topic, an interview from an expert in the field, and examples found to support any findings.

Jim Jindrick – Mentor in the McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship Program and entrepreneur.


May I have a brief background of your entrepreneurship expertise?
What differences have you seen in entrepreneur traits following the digital explosion?
What traits have remained the same?
What types of new opportunities have you seen arise in the world of entrepreneurship since the emergence of information technology?
How have you seen entrepreneurs take advantage of these opportunities?
Just how different is the entrepreneur world today compared to when you started your career in the field, specifically as affected by the digital explosion?

Conclusions will be drawn and answers to the project questions will be adequately made, supported by information gathered from the project. In addition, the project will include a look toward the foreseeable future of information technology and hypothesize how this could affect the future of entrepreneurship, as well as provide data useful in making the most of it.

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