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Course Description

  • This course explores the social, legal, and cultural fallout from the exponential explosion in data production, storage, and communication. We emphasize the opposing potentials of information technologies to make knowledge widely available and to distort and restrict our perceptions. Specific topics include data leakage; the view through the window of search engines; eavesdropping and secret communications; privacy; Internet censorship; the social contract of copyright; and broadcast and telecommunications regulation in a world of rapid technological change. Needless to say, this is an extremely fast-changing field. Therefore, it is important that you keep track of current events on topics related to the course.

Why a Wiki?

  • We will use this Wiki to keep track and comment on current events on topics related to the course. A forum is created where we can interact dynamically and edit the work to reflect new changes.
  • We will also use this wiki to post the class projects, add links, or even embed video and audio related to your project. Others can comment on your project, offer suggestions or add to them.

If this is your first site

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